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Channels is an app that lets you create your own mobile content.

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welcome to Channels

AWESOME built-in features

HTML Content

Style the contents for your audiences the way you want it using the easy to use online HTML editor, much like using Microsoft Word. For those who know HTML, you can even enter HTML using the HTML panel provided.


You can publish your news using Rich Text, Images, Audio, and even Video! Once you published a news, a notifications will be sent to your audiences, to encourage them to visit to your Channel when it is updated.

Web Contents

We even support displaying your existing web contents in Channels, thus, enabling you to quickly take advantage of using Channels for your business marketing needs.

QR Scan **

Allow Members to earn points by scanning QR codes printed on your receipts. Likewise, QR Scanning technology can also be used to reward your customers when they scan on specific QR codes.

Contact Us

Make it easy for your audiences to contact you. Using the built-in features available such as the “Call Now” button and Maps based on your GPS co-ordinate. Getting directions to your location using popular apps such as Waze, Apple Maps or Google Maps is just a click away.


Showcase your Products and classify them by Product Categories, to allow your Audiences to browse them by Categories, then by Product Listing, right up to individual Product Detail.

Member **

Audiences can join your Channel and become your member, so you can keep them inform about latest offers and promotions.

E-Commerce **

Enable your customers to conveniently buy from you online, using the Shopping Cart feature in Channels.


Organise your photo gallery in individual albums with our built-in photo gallery with slideshow feature, allowing your audiences to seamlessly browse through photos about your business, be it your site photos, or even company brochures.

Social integration

Your audiences can easily share your Channels information to their friends using popular Social Media Websites or even via e-mail using the Share button provided, no matter which page they are navigating in your Channels.

Stamps & Points **

To encourage return customers, by allowing them to redeem freebies from you using Member Stamps and Points which are given to them whenever they buy from you. Stamp Cards are customisable to enable you to personalise the Stamp Cards for your business.

Mobile Voucher **

Auto distribute e-voucher to all Members or selected Members based on criteria you provide. You will be provided statistics of Mobile Voucher usage to enable you to customise your marketing campaigns.

** Subject to Terms & Conditions

channels gallery

Benefits of the App

Channels is a Mobile and Web Platform that allows you to deliver your contents and messages to your audience in a hassle-free manner. By using our platform, you can concentrate on what matters most, which is to create contents targetted at your customer. Let us do the hard work for you!

  • Mobile Contents

    Create your own Channel in our Channels App! Channels can be used to create mobile contents to provide information to your customers as well as submit information to you. Using Channels, customers can receive notifications about your News & Events and can easily find your locations.

  • Mobile Apps

    Besides creating mobile contents in the Channels App, you can use the same platform to work with us to create an iOS and Android app for your company. A mobile app can act as a gateway to connect with your customers.

  • Future-proof

    With Channels, you no longer have to worry about mobile device incompatibilities or OS upgrades that breaks your app. We will take care of those for you, so you can keep doing what you want to do, to reach out to your Customers!

channes benefit

download app app is now available in Google Play and Apple App Store.
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Our pricing structure is catered for your organization needs, and is priced depending on the services you use.


  • 60-days trial

  • Limited Features Set

  • Android + iOS

  • Mobile + Tablet app

  • Self-serve

  • Email Support

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  • $ 300/yr

  • Basic Content Management Features

  • Android + iOS

  • Mobile + Tablet app

  • Self-serve

  • Email Support

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  • $ 800/yr

  • Basic + Loyalty Features

  • Android + iOS

  • Mobile + Tablet app

  • Face-to-face consultation

  • Email Support

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Business Startup Kit
  • $ 1000/yr

  • Basic + Loyalty

  • Integrated POS

  • Android + iOS + Web

  • Mobile + Tablet app

  • Face-to-face consultation

  • On-site support*

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Advanced Business Kit
  • From $ 2000/yr

  • Basic + Loyalty

  • Integrated POS

  • Android + iOS + Web

  • Dedicated Mobile + Tablet app

  • Face-to-face Consultation

  • Customization

  • On-site support*

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